husky racing pictures and videos

Some pictures and videos of various husky sports. Enjoy!


  1. TigerLove says:

    I really liked the video’s on this blog but the one i mostly like is 7 dogs class clear lake dog races 2012

  2. Donna says:

    What are the physical differences in a Husky and a Malamute?
    What are the differences in their personalities?
    Are either of these breeds “pidgeon toed”?

    1. admin says:

      Hello Donna,

      Well firstly Siberians are much lighter about 25-35 kg and Malamute can be 75- 110kg. Malamute also eat much much more. Malamute are the work horse, they are usually the first 2 dogs on the sled taking most of the weight. Siberians have much more endurence but less strength so they tend to be towards the front of the sled.

      As for personalities they are very similar. Loyal, loving, good with kids but they will wander if they get off their leads or out off their yards. Both breeds need HEAPS of exercise.

      I have never come across any husky that was pigeon toed although they are probably out there. I think this is due to there strict breeding. they were breed for working qualities only so trates like that got breed out. This breeding method is also why there are so many different colours and bi/split eyes in husky breeds. Their “look” wasn’t as important as their work ability so harder working dogs got breed over prettier ones.

      Hope this helps

      You can find more info under the “husky health and information” tab in the main menu

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